Russian Deported Journalist and Her Alternative Fact Stories

This week Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) deported Anna Kurbatova, a journalist working for Russia’s state TV Perviy Kanal (Channel One) and banned her for three years amidst accusations of biased coverage. According to SBU spokeswoman Olena Hytlianska, the decision was taken because Kurbatova’s “actions harmed Ukraine’s national interests”. Скриншот @Новости_на_Первом_Канале OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir called the move excessive and said such actions  on respective authorities to “affect the free flow of information and violate OSCE commitments on freedom of the media”. What  were Kurbatova’s reports really about? StopFake looked at her last story and uncovered fakes, alternative facts, manipulation and hate mongering. Kurbatova’s report about Ukrainian Independence Day is filled with Kremlin propagandist clichés about Ukraine. She calls the military parade a ‘march of dependency’, mocks the soldiers’ uniforms which she says are similar to NATO uniforms

Kilde: Russian Deported Journalist and Her Alternative Fact Stories