Fake: Ukraine a US Biological Testing Site

Scores of Russian media disseminated stories this week claiming that the US were conducting secret biological experiments in Ukraine resulting in some of the recent outbreaks of certain diseases in the country. All the publications use the same source for this fake story, the hacker group Cyber Berkut. Website screenshot TASS This is not the first time that such stories have been circulated; they rely on conspiracy theories and offer no evidence for their claims. StopFake has debunked similar fakes in the past and repeatedly pointed out that information distributed by Cyber Berkut is completely unreliable. Website screenshot Cyber Berkut RIA Novosti Ukraina, TASS, REN TV, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Life News, Hispan TV and many other propagandist sites circulated this fake story. Some Russian sites cited a Global Research article about the Pentagon unleashing biological weapons against Europe and quoted UNICEF Ukraine representative Joanna Barbaris speaking about a measles outbreak,

Kilde: Fake: Ukraine a US Biological Testing Site