Kremlin scare tactics in Latvia

By Mārtiņš Kaprāns, for CEPA At the beginning of August, Russian state-owned TV channels Perviy Kanal (PK) and NTV reported extensively on the idea of imposing international sanctions on Latvia and Estonia for allegedly supporting neo-Nazi activities. On 9 August, a PK news program stated that members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are “preparing a resolution condemning torchlight processions, marches of SS veterans and other dubious events, which now take place annually in Estonia and Latvia. They even suggest imposing sanctions against these countries.” The draft resolution was prepared by European United Left-Nordic Green Left, a minor party and the most radical left political group in the European Parliament (EP). PK journalist Anatoly Lazarev drew parallels between neo-Nazi practices and commemoration of the Latvian Legionnaires (see starting from 00:33)—a misleading comparison covered in previous CEPA briefs. Lazarev also likened neo-Nazis activities to the torchlight

Kilde: Kremlin scare tactics in Latvia