Fake: EU To Impose Retaliatory Sanctions Against US

Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda announced this week that the European Union would impose sanctions on the US in response to Washington’s new sanctions against Moscow. Citing an anonymous Brussels source, Zvezda presented this information as a done deal. The anonymous source, according to Zvezda, claims the EU will limit American companies’ access to European banks in response to sanctions against Russia. Website screenshot tvzvezda.ru There have been no announcements from the EU about possible sanctions against the America. The European Union has however expressed concern that these new American sanctions could negatively impact the economic independence of European countries. Website screenshot euronews.com New US sanctions against the Russian Federation impose a ban on «investment in projects for pipeline energy exports, implemented with the participation of Russian state-owned companies.» This measure directly concerns European companies that cooperate with the

Kilde: Fake: EU To Impose Retaliatory Sanctions Against US