Some Things Are Better Left Untold

By Jim Kovpak “Telling the untold” is one of Sputnik News’ slogans. The obvious implication is that the Russian news service covers stories that “they” don’t want you to know about. “They” are the Western “mainstream media,” any media outlet which reports information that contradicts the claims of the Russian Foreign Ministry or the Kremlin. Of course it’s not unheard of for legitimate media outlets to ignore or play down certain stories because of political or financial motivation, but this doesn’t mean that an untold story is necessarily a bombshell revelation destined to shake the foundations of power. Sometimes the media ignores a story because it’s just plain unimportant, irrelevant or downright stupid. Not Sputnik News, however! In the interest of keeping the public informed, Sputnik has blown the lid on what may be the most important story of our time. It is the story of an existential threat to humanity itself, one that the mainstream media won’t touch. Sputnik has discovered

Kilde: Some Things Are Better Left Untold