Fake: Poroshenko Recognizes Superiority of European Armies

Russian propagandist site Life.ru published an article claiming that Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko admitted that European armies were superior to Ukraine’s armed forces. Poroshenko allegedly made this announcement in a speech to Britain’s Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House. RIA Novosti took Life’s claims even further and declared that President Poroshenko is disappointed in Ukraine’s armed forces. Website screenshot life.ru Russia’s disinformation arsenal usual suspects quickly followed suit: Lenta.ru, Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, Sputnik, REN.TV, NevaInfo and others all ran versions of this fake story. Screenshot @petroporoshenko   Ukraine’s President however, made no such claims in his Chatham House address, quite the contrary, Poroshenko pointed out that Ukraine spends 5% of its GDP on defense and its army currently ranks 8th in Europe.  “It is the only army that not only faces Russian aggression but also is able to

Kilde: Fake: Poroshenko Recognizes Superiority of European Armies