Russian Media Distorts Comments by Alaska State Official

He never said Alaskans would live better under Moscow, but dozens of Russian news reports claim otherwise Headlines in the Russian-language newspaper Segodnya published in Latvia, are more cynical than in the Kremlin-bankrolled media. Illustration: Lote Lārmane Fake names and miserable wages: what it’s like to work in the Kremlin-friendly local Russian language newspaper. Published in Latvia, Segodnya newspaper claims to be the only Russian-language daily in the European Union. I met one of the newspaper’s journalists Yelena Slyusareva three years ago on a trip to Sweden, sponsored by the Swedish embassy. As part of the trip the group of journalists went to interview the Swedish royal couple. Yelena’s English was poor, so interpreted for her from English to Russian.  We got on alright. While we were in Sweden, a controversial referendum on joining Russia was held in Crimea. Much like many issues involving Russia and Russians in the Baltic state of Latvia, the news coverage of this

Kilde: Russian Media Distorts Comments by Alaska State Official