Fake: Ukrainians Ask for Electricity from Crimea

Russia’s RIA Novosti agency announced this week that Ukrainians have repeatedly asked Crimean occupation forces to share the peninsula’s electricity with the bordering southern region of the country. Website screenshot Ria The area in question, Ukraine’s Kherson region, has no energy shortages and is one of the country’s leaders for renewable energy. RIA’s source is Zaur Smirnov, the chairman of Crimea’s State Committee for International Relations. He claims that Ukraine’s southern regions have limited resources and are suffering energy shortages because of Kyiv’ energy blockade of the annexed peninsula. According to Smirnov, ordinary Ukrainians continue to maintain ties with Crimea, they accept that Crimeans’ decision to reunite with Russia is the right one, writes RIA, but provides no evidence for Smirnov’s unsubstantiated claim. REN TV, Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, Russia Today, Vzglyad, Argumenty I Fakty, Pravda.ru, Vestnik Kavkaza and other Russian

Kilde: Fake: Ukrainians Ask for Electricity from Crimea