Sorry, ‘Experts,’ but Ukraine Has Not Yet Died: An Investigation

By Jim Kovpak, for StopFake Since 2014, Ukraine has been one of the Russian state media’s favorite topics. So much so, that the major state-run networks will sometimes totally ignore major events in Russia to cover run-of-the-mill stories in Ukraine. The most recent example was last Sunday, when news presenter and Rossiya Segodnya chief Dmitry Kiselyov told viewers about rampant corruption in Ukraine while ignoring mass anti-corruption protests which had taken place in over 80 Russian cities that very day. The themes have been repeated endlessly since 2014- Ukraine has totally collapsed and is a failed state. Ukraine is on the point of collapse, starvation, and freezing due to lack of fuel for the winter. Ukraine is a puppet of the US. So shrill are Russia’s pundits and commentators, they often neglect to notice the stark contradiction between their claims. If Ukraine supposedly became a failed state in 2014, how could it have been in danger of becoming a failed state multiple times

Kilde: Sorry, ‘Experts,’ but Ukraine Has Not Yet Died: An Investigation