How the West Can Defend Itself From Putin’s Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin in Berlin on Oct. 19. Sean Gallup/Getty Images It’s time to return to a Cold War mentality By Yascha Mounk, Slate Two years ago, when Garry Kasparov, the chess champion turned political dissident, began to warn that Vladimir Putin sought to undermine liberal democracy—not only in neighboring countries, but all over the West—he was widely written off as a crank. After Russia managed to hack the servers of the Democratic National Committee and spread fake news on an industrial scale, his warnings were finally recognized as all too prescient. But it is only over the past weeks, as journalists around the world have broken dozens of stories about Russian meddling in the democratic process, that the sheer scale of this effort has become apparent. The American press is understandably focused on disentangling the strange web of ties between the Kremlin and Donald Trump’s White House. So on these shores, it’s been barely noted that Russia has been: Actively

Kilde: How the West Can Defend Itself From Putin’s Russia